Get An Internet Domain

You can register your own domain name, and if you wish set up your own Internet site. Several options for obtaining your own domain name are listed below:

  • Buy a domain. You can buy or “register” a domain from one of the accredited domain name registrars, which gives you complete control over its use. If you want to set up the domain on your own computer, then you need to identify two name servers, and have a reasonable amount of technical know-how. However, many registrars will also park your domain on their hosts and give you a few web pages for free until you find a web hosting service.
  • Free domains. The following search queries list sites that provide information about free domain names. These are usually third-level domains on established second-level domains. However, these services usually have some restrictions, such as being only usable for web hosting and email, or the need for four levels if you want to add a “www” prefix, which looks funny:
  • Country domains. If you want to register a domain in one of the country top-level domains, such as “.us” for the United States, “.ca” for Canada, or “.uk” for Britain, you need to visit one of the country domain name registrars.
  • U.S. military. To register a domain in the US Military top-level domain “.mil” (assuming you have the appropriate authorization), visit the DoD registration site.