Build Your Own Web Site

Currently, W3 servers exist for Unix, VMS and VM and must be configured by system managers. When servers for personal computers are available, we expect a great increase in publishing directly by authors, reviewers and documentation managers.

World­Wide Web; Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau; Sep 1992.

The following resources can help you author, build, and provide web hosting for your own site:

  • Authoring software. Most of the free web hosting sites (described following) provide basic web page building services directly from their sites. For more advanced web site creation, you will need to employ a web service bureau, or build it yourself with an authoring program. Sites that maintain information on web authoring software are listed below:
  • Free web hosting. The following sites index free web hosting resources:
  • Your ISP. Many Internet Service Provider’s will provide a basic amount of storage space and free web site hosting when you obtain your Internet access from them. Check the web page of your ISP, or give them a call.
  • Your computer. If you have the technical know how, and a computer permanently connected to the Internet, you can host your web site on your own computer with one of the available web site servers. You may also wish to get a domain name.