Talk on IRC

To start talking, just type!

irc-faq; Version 1.53; November 28, 1995.

If you want to talk and contribute a message to the conversation on a channel, just type a message and press the enter key. It will then be sent by your client application over the Internet to the IRC server, which will copy the message to any other servers on the network, and then be copied to the screens of the other members in that chat room.

When you talk, your message is prefixed with your nickname when it is displayed on other people’s screens, just like other people’s messages are when they are displayed on yours.

You should watch the conversation in a window for a few minutes after joining it before you starting talking to make sure you have some understanding of the community atmosphere that has built up in the room before you arrived. Remember the guidelines of chatiquette to ensure a pleasant and useful experience for all.