IRC Client Applications

IRC client applications enable you to connect across the Internet to an IRC server and join a network, join channels, and participate in world-wide conversations.

There are a wide variety of IRC client applications. The free open source software Mozilla web browser includes a built-in IRC client application called ChatZilla! which provides a good basic capability. The following sites provide sources for other stand-alone IRC client applications:

  • Indexes. The following sites provide indexes of IRC clients:
  • Windows. The following are popular Windows clients:
  • Macintosh. The following are popular Macintosh clients:
  • Other. The following clients run on various other platforms:
    • Amiga: AmIRC
    • Android: fIRC
    • Unix: ircII, xchat.
  • Historical. Historical IRC applications include:
    • BeOS: Felix
    • Mac: Homer, MacIRC
    • OS/2: OpenChat/2
    • Windows: FIRC, Shizzam.