Miscellaneous IRC Commands

Miscellaneous IRC commands not described elsewhere are listed below:

  • Links. The /links command usually produces a list of the IRC servers available on the Internetfor the active network.
  • /links

  • Quit. You can leave an IRC network by ending the program, or by using the /quit command. Append a comment if you wish to send a final comment.
  • /quit See you later!

  • Icons. You should know how to use the basic IRC text commands: /join, /list, /who, /me, and /msg, described in the previous pages. However, many IRC client programs also provide a convenient graphical user interface, enabling you to click on icons and buttons with your mouse to activate commands.
  • Text-to-speech. If your computer and IRC application support generation of speech from text, then you can get your application to read the IRC conversations out load. This can be useful if you are not looking at your computer screen at all times but still want to monitor the conversation.