Mailing Lists -- Listserv Design

The current Listserv version is 1.8e. There are two versions — Listserv Classic, and Listserv Lite:

  • The Classic version has full functionality.
  • The Lite version has basic functionality, and includes a free version for support of up to 10 lists with a maximum of 500 users each.

The key design feature of Listserv is that all Listserv servers are integrated, and communicate with each other across the Internet. This has three useful consequences:

  • Any Listserv server can accept a subscription command (as well as several other commands) for any Listserv list on the Internet, and the server that receives the command will find the server that the list is actually on and forward your request appropriately if required.
  • You can administer and configure a Listserv list server from anywhere on the Internet.
  • There is a central web interface for searching all Listserv lists in the world as described in finding lists.