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Finding Mailing Lists

For example, if you wanted to take part in the mailing list… one sends a request to NSFNET-INFO-REQUEST@MERIT.EDU. This may be a wonderful scheme, but the problem is that you must know the list exists in the first place.

– E. Krol; The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet; RFC 1118; Sept. 1989.

There are many thousands of mailings lists all over the world used for discussion of just about every subject imaginable. Several websites provide mailing list indexes to help you find lists of interest to you. Some include search engines that enable you to search the lists for keywords of interest. Some of the most useful indexes are listed below:

Some people believe that indexes of mailings lists are unethical because not all lists want to be publicized. However, most lists do want to be publicized so the greatest number of people can use them, so these ethical reservations have not gained much support.

If a list provides an online web archive, you can often get a sense of the volume of traffic and subject matter by browsing recent postings before you subscribe.

subscribe new-list yourfirstname yourlastname

Historical indexes: