Internet Tools & Resources

The DARPA Internet is a large and complex aggregation of network hardware, connected together by gateways. Tracking a single-point hardware or software failure can often be difficult…

– Muuss, Mike; Ping source code comments; 7 August 1992.

When you perform a simple action like connect to a website, a great deal of complex technology runs under the hood to make the connection seem so fast and straightforward. The following sections provide Internet network maps, statistics, and real-time tools that you can use to explore deeper parts of the Internet network infrastructure:

Other resources. Tools and resources not under the above categories:

  • Measurement Lab Tools – Various tests to determine if your Internet network connection is open and standard.
  • Historical: RFC 2151; G. Kessler, S. Shepard; A Primer On Internet And TCP/IP Tools And Utilities; June 1997.