Request For Comments (RFC's) By Email

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In addition to access to RFC’s through web indexes, you can also get RFC’s by email through RFC-INFO and RFC-DIST.

RFC-INFO. You can get RFC’s by mail by sending an email to RFC-INFO@ISI.EDU with a message specifying which RFC you want to retrieve. For example, the following message will retrieve RFC 1000.

Retrieve: RFC
Doc-ID: RFC1000

All Doc-ID’s are four digit numbers, so make sure you add preceding zeroes if the RFC number is less than 1000, so that 163 is 0163:

Retrieve: RFC
Doc-ID: RFC0163

You can get a listing of all the RFC’s with the command

HELP: rfc_index

You can search the RFC’s to return those that contain certain keywords, such as

Keywords: TCP


Keywords: HTTP

You can learn more about how to retrieve RFC’s, FYI’s, STD’s, and IMR’s by email by sending an email to RFC-INFO@ISI.EDU with the phrase help: help in the body.

RFC-DIST. The release of new RFC’s are announced on the RFC-DIST mailing list. You can join by sending an email to

with a message of

subscribe rfc-dist