How To Use Request For Comments (RFC's)

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Several sites store RFC’s in convenient hyperlinked web indexes, described below. Typically, these indexes enable you to enter an RFC number and retrieve a copy of the RFC. Some include keyword search, global listing, and other capabilities.

When RFC’s are updated they are given a new RFC number. The official RFC-Editor site includes old and new links in search engine listings. These links enable you to go backward and forward in time — you can read the earliest RFC’s on a subject, and then move forward to read the later RFC’s. Some RFC’s replace more than one predecessor and unify the documentation on a subject, and some RFC’s are replaced by several successors as a protocol breaks into two or more related technologies. You can follow these intertwining threads back and forth through the RFC tree.

Indexes. The authoritative RFC site is Some other good index sites are listed below:

Some early RFC’s are missing or exist only in scanned in form, such as RFC 007, RFC 008, RFC 009, RFC 011 and a few others.