Forwarding Email

You can forward an email to someone else, and forward all of your email from one of your addresses to another. The forward function can usually be found under a menu item like “Message / Forward”, or by right-clicking on an email and then selecting “Forward” from the resulting pop-up menu.

Forwarding is typically used to send an email to someone who wasn’t on the original addressee list. The entire message is usually forwarded, often automatically indented with one tab or the “>” character, and the subject line is usually prefixed with “Fwd:”. You usually don’t need to copy anyone on the original address list since they have already seen the email, unless you are adding remarks that one or more of the original recipients should see.

Many email provider’s let you configure a setting to forward your messages direct from the mail server, so that your email is forwarded as soon as it is received. You can also configure some email program filters to automatically forward certain email as soon immediately after they are downloaded.

If you are forwarding email while you are traveling, you may also want to read about checking your email remotely across the Internet.

You should never forward a virus warning or other type of warning without first checking to see if it is a hoax, since so many of these messages aren’t true.

Redirectingalso provides similar functionality to forwarding.

Resources. The following sites maintain lists of email forwarding services which can be used to forward messages from one of your email addresses to another: