Check Email On The Road

You have several options for checking your email while traveling away from home, including roaming, web based email, and POP3 access.

Most service providers include a “roaming” service where you can login to the Internet and check your email when traveling from the road using a portable computer. They usually have a 1-800 number so you can avoid long distance charges. Consult their web site or technical support phone line for help.

Web based email services let you check your email from any web browser, anywhere in the world. However, you usually need to use a special email address, and there may be other limitations on ease of use and attachment handling.

If your usual email server is POP3 compatible, then you can connect to your email from any web browser with the services provided by the sites listed below. These sites generally make a copy and leave the email on your server, so that you can download it again when you get back to your home computer. However, you should first read their privacy policy and decide if you want to give these sites the information they request, which they could sell for marketing purposes.

Lists of sites:

Some leading sites: