Email Addressing

The two main rules of email address management are to paste addresses into your address book, and address each email as the last step of composition:

  • Paste addresses. You should copy and paste addresses into the To field instead of typing them for both ease of use and accuracy. Address typing mistakes are very easy to make. If it is an address you will use again, then you should always enter it in your address book.
  • Enter it last. Always enter the address last so you don’t send an email before you’re ready. You can’t send an email by mistake that isn’t addressed, either by loss of concentration or an inadvertent click.

If you want to send an email to more than one person at once, you can enter multiple email addresses separated with commas in any of the address fields, including the BCC field.

You can copy addresses from email links on web pages with most browsers by right clicking on them and then selecting “copy link location”. You can then paste the address into your email or address book; however, you sometimes need to remove the “mailto:” prefix if it is copied as part of the HTML code.