Email Address Books

Your email client’s “address book” enables addition of email addresses to your contact list quickly and without error. Your address book should store all of your frequently used email addresses, enabling you to select from a list instead of having to re-type the addresses each time you send an email. This is the fastest way to address a message, and more importantly ensures that you will never make a typing mistake and send your email to the wrong address.

If possible, you should copy each address from a valid email and then paste it into your address book when you create an entry for the first time, because this is faster, and more importantly you will be sure there aren’t any typing mistakes. If the address form has an option like “Include on recipient or nickname list”, then you should select that option to make sure the address will show up on your address book menu from anywhere in your email program.

If there is an option like “Nickname” or “Short Form”, then specify an easily remembered name for convenient retrieval from the address book. One of the best formats is last name first, so that it shows up in alphabetical order in your address book list. Try one of the following forms, depending on how flexible your email program is.

Smith, John

You can also use the address book to enter addresses in the “To”, “CC”, and “BCC” fields.