Old MUD Servers

Many different types of MUD servers have been invented over the years. Some of the historical MUD servers that are no longer operational are listed below. The section How To Run Your Own MUD provides information on how to find currently available MUD server software on the Internet.

  • 3dmud. A MUD with 3D capabilities.
  • AberMUD. One of the first adventure style MUD’s, named after Aberystwyth University, where it was written. Ran under Unix BSD and System V.
  • AlloyMUSH. Developed from TinyMUSH.
  • AmigaMUD. Ran on Amiga computers.
  • Cold Server. Based on MOO and CoolMUD.
  • COOLMUD. An elegant object-oriented MUD, written by Stephen White.
  • MOO. The original object oriented MUD, written by Stephen White.
  • MUD1. The original MUD, created by Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw in 1979. Ran on a DECsystem-10 computer.
  • MUG. Based on TinyMUD. MUG stands for “Multi-User Game”. Included a powerful programming language, puppets, and inheritance.
  • Ogham. Similar to LPMUD.
  • PRISM. A multi-platform version of TinyMUD.
  • Realms. Developed by Andy Baillie for the Amiga computer.
  • TeenyMUD. Originally created as a TinyMUD clone by Andrew Molitor.
  • TinyMUCK. The first spin-off from TinyMUD, developed by Stephen White. TinyMUCK included innovations like moveable exits, @teleport, and @recycle.
  • UberMUD. Developed by Marcus Ranum, the first MUD to have universe rules written completely in an internal programming language, called U, similar to a high level language like C, making configuration very flexible.
  • UriMUD. Developed from LPMUD.
  • YAMA. PC mud writing system. Ran on a PC/XT with 640KB RAM or better. A windows version called YAMAW ran on a PC 286 machine or higher.