Web Pages With Frames

Frames divide a web page into separate sections. Each frame is a window like any other, but is one of several windows inside a rectangular structure inside the top-level browser window.

Frames are separate sections of a window that are small windows themselves, and may even have their own scroll bars.

A window may be divided into two, three, or more frames.

Often one frame contains control links, and other sections display information.


In general, fewer frames are better to limit complexity, since too many frames can be confusing. Some sites provide an option to view their site without frames.

With most browsers, you can get a range of special options when you right-click in a frame, including going backwards and forwards within the frame, or opening the frame in a new window.

You can often drag the borders between frames to adjust their size to fit your window space, and so give more room to one frame if needed.

Resources. Some web sites are dedicated to the dislike of frames, while giving a good example of their use at the same time.