Refine A Search With Related Keywords

You can add keywords found from your initial searches to refine the results of later searches.

Searches are often iterative, so that you may try a couple of searches, find some more information, and then refine and target your search to reflect what you have learned. You can sometimes find whole new branches of information by copying new, unique identifying words from a page returned from an initial search and adding them to your query, exploring your way across the Internet.

The best new keywords to add are unusual names of people, organizations, places, and other unique identifiers. For example, say you are searching on Mozart, and find out he spent time in Salzburg. You can then add that new keyword to your search to target information on Mozart related to Salzburg:

biography AND amadeus AND salzburg

You can try different combinations of unique keywords that you find on the pages returned by initial searches, enabling you to branch out and explore a wide variety of information related to your main topic. For example, as you read some of the pages returned by your search, you may want to add new keywords to explore the following branches:

biography AND mozart AND vienna

biography AND mozart AND “maria anna”