Link TV And The Web

You can search the Internet while watching TV to get more information about almost anything.

You don’t need a fancy set top boxes and embedded links to create dynamic, electronic interaction between the television and the Internet. You can function as the bridge yourself by searching for words, names, and phrases you hear on a program while you are watching it, and then exploring the related content as you watch the show. (Of course this can also be done while listening to the radio, either online or off.) You can gather a great deal of complementary information that enables the program to be a catalyst leading to a much fuller and richer understanding of the subject. A few examples are listed below:

  • Vincent Scully. You are watching an interview with a famous architect named Vincent Scully. You can get more information on his background and achievements as you watch the interview:

architect “vincent scully”

  • Panama Canal. A documentary is describing the building of the Panama Canal, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. You can get many other complimentary perspectives as you watch the show:

history building “panama canal”

  • Roger Williams. You hear a woman being interviewed say that her most enjoyable years were at Roger Williams University. You search for its web site to try and find out why:

“Roger Williams University”