Bookmark Search Queries

You can bookmark search results returned by a search engine in the same way as any other page, and revisit them later to get a dynamic update. For example, the URL for the dynamic search for “world museum art” on Yahoo is linked below:

Once you perform a search, you can simply bookmark that search result page in the same way as any other page. You can then recall the search at any time you are connected to the Internet by selecting that page from your bookmarks. The search string URL will be passed to the search site, which will then return an up-to-date, real-time list of the search engine’s results for that search.

By checking your bookmarked searches every now and then to see if there are new entries, you will be able to keep current with the leading sites in the subject area you are interested in, and know which ones to add to your own bookmark lists.

Example searches, and the resulting URL’s, are shown below: