IRC List Command

The /list command enables you to find only the channels with a certain number of members, a very useful feature on a network with hundreds of chat rooms.

Each IRC network supports many different channels. Once you are connected, you can obtain a list of the channels on that network with the /list command:


The listing report shows the channel name, the number of people connected to each channel, and sometimes a comment or description associated with the channel. On larger networks there are often thousands of different channels on different subjects, which is often too many to read, so you can employ the following tricks to get listings that are actually usable:

  • Page list. You can obtain a page by page list by typing /set hold_mode on before you enter the list command. This option will provide a listing that consists of one screen at a time. You can type /set hold_mode off to turn the page feature off.
  • Min or max. Since the vast majority of channels have just one or two people in them, and you usually want to find rooms with a lot of people in them and a lively conversation, one of the most useful things you can do is get a listing of channels with a minimum number of users with the “min” option. If you want to find only sparser rooms you can restrict the listing to those with a maximum number of users with the “max” option.

    /list -min 30

    /list -max 5

  • Min and max. For greater flexibility you can combine the “min” and “max” options to list just those channels with the number of people that you are interested in.

    /list -min 25 -max 30

    /list -min 40 -max 50