Create Your Own IRC Channel

The channel operator (also referred to as a “chop” or “chanop”) on a given channel is considered to ‘own’ that channel. In recognition of this status, channel operators are endowed with certain powers which enable them to keep control and some sort of sanity in their channel.

– J. Oikarinen, D. Reed; Internet Relay Chat Protocol; RFC 1459; May 1993.

You can easily become the operator of your own IRC channel. You can create your own channel by typing /join #channel-name where the channel name doesn’t already exist on that network, as in:

/join funfunfun

When you create a channel, you are automatically made the operator of the channel. You can then invite friends across the Internet to join the channel, or wait and see if others join of their own accord.

When you create a channel, you should use the /topic command to specify a one sentence description of the channel’s topic. This topic will be displayed to anybody executing a /list command, and may be your best chance to get people to investigate the channel.

/topic #quantum This channel is about einstein

If you need to sign off the channel, or wish to give up operator status, you can assign operator status to someone else with the /op command. You can make more than one person an operator if you want:

/op ivan
/op pierre
/op jane

The /mode command lets you designate a channel that you have created to be secret or private.

/mode #mychannel +s
/mode #mychannel +p

As an operator, if you need to you can kick people off your channel with the /kick command.

/kick stupidperson