Mailing List Help – Unsubscribing

Mailing List Help – Unsubscribing

There are several ways to unsubscribe from a mailing list. The Signoff Anylist document tells you how to unsubscribe from any mailing list. If you can’t unsubscribe from a list, it is usually because the server thinks that you are not unsubscribing from the same address that you subscribed from. This can happen because:

  • New address. You have changed email addresses, and your mail is being redirected to your new address from your old address.
  • New domain. Your Internet provider has changed their domain name.
  • Changed address. Your email program has changed and the return email address is slightly different. For example it may now be “”, but was previously the longer name “”.

On Majordomo lists this problem can often be fixed by appending the exact address from which you subscribed to the end of the Unsubscribe command

unsubscribe <listname>

If that doesn’t work, and you can’t send a message from the exact email address that you subscribed from, then you will have to send an email to the list owner or administrator and ask them to unsubscribe you manually. See the welcome message you got when you first subscribed to find the address of a human being.