Advanced Listserv – Set

Advanced Listserv – Set

You can specify whether Listserv mail should be sent to you in MIME format or not with the following command:

set <listname> mime

set <listname> nomime

If you just want to receive an index of the email sent to the list each day, you can use the set index command. If you want to, you can then use the get command to retrieve any individual messages that look interesting:

set <listname> index

set <listname> noindex

On lists that are split up into topics, you can add or delete those you are subscribed to:

set <listname> topics: +<topicname>

set <listname> topics: -<topicname>

set <listname> topics: all

If you don’t like the email headers you get from a list, you can change them to one of the following formats:

  • Full, normal header
  • set <listname> fullhdr

  • Internet standard header
  • set <listname> ietfhdr

  • Short header
  • set <listname> shorthdr

  • Header repeated in mail body
  • set <listname> dualhdr

  • Normal header, with list name in subject

    set <listname> subjecthdr

The subjecthdr option is particularly useful for filtering because it ensures that the list name is included in the subject line, so that you can use it to filter incoming messages into a special mailbox.

If your email program does not fully comply with Internet standards, and does not display the list address, you can use the dualhdr option, which will repeat the header in the email body itself where it can then be used for filtering or other purposes.