Advanced Listserv – Review

Advanced Listserv – Review

You can obtain information on a mailing list’s settings, owner, and subscribers with the review command:

review <listname>

You can sort the subscriber listing with the “by” option:

  • Ordered by Country:

    review <listname> by country

  • Ordered by last name:
  • review <listname> by name

  • Ordered by hostame:
  • review <listname> by nodeid

  • Ordered by email:
  • review <listname> by userid

  • Order by more than one field:

    review <listname> by (country name)

If you don’t want your subscription to be accessible to other users with the review command, use the conceal command to hide your subscription.

You can specify that you only want the list header or subscriber list to be returned by the review:

  • Header only:
  • review <listname> short

  • Subscribers only:

    review <listname> noheader