Advanced Listserv – Give

Advanced Listserv – Give

The give command lets you send any file you are allowed to get to another user. The format is the same as a get command with addition of an email address on the end, as in the following:

give <listname> <filename> <emailaddress>

The user you send the file to will receive it by email, and you will receive a copy of the same email so that you know the file was sent and will be aware of any errors that may have occurred in the execution of the command. The user you send the file to will also receive an email message telling them that it was you that sent the file.

The give command can be particularly useful for sending a file to someone who may not be able to receive the file themself, because, for example, they don’t know how to get the file, or they are not authorized to get the file because they are not subscribed to the list, or they are behind an Internet firewall and aren’t able to send the appropriate command.

You can send individual files to another user, but for complicated technical reasons you cannot give a whole “list” file to someone else. (This is related to the fact that one list server may request a “list” file from another server.)