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Advanced Listserv - Centralizing On One Server

Because Listserv mailing lists are integrated -- each site communicates with other sites -- you can send most commands for a Listserv list to any other Listserv server. Indeed, every Listserv mailing list has a unique name across the Internet. When you send a command for one mailing list to a Listserv server, if that list is not managed by that server then it will automatically send the command to the correct server at the correct site. Some people use this feature to send all of their Listserv subscribe requests to a single, nearby server.

However, there is one exception -- you always have to send a signoff command for a list to the specific server from which you originally signed up to the list. For this reason, it might be easier to subscribe to all lists on the actual server that hosts them to make it easy to keep track of.