IRTF -- Internet Research Task Force

Even more than the IETF, the work of the IRSG is expected to be marked by informality. The goal is to encourage and foster valuable research, not to add burdensome bureaucracy to the endeavor.

– A. Weinrib, J. Postel; IRTF Research Group Guidelines and Procedures; RFC 2014, October 1996.

The mission of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) is to conduct research into the long term future of the Internet. The IRTF is guided by the Internet Research Steering Group, and is composed of a number of small research groups that work on the development of the Internet protocols, applications, architecture, and technology. Befitting its long term focus, it is composed of members that serve for extended periods, but as individuals, and not as representatives of organizations.

The role of the IRTF is not to set Internet standards, but to take the long view of the future of the Internet, to research this future within its various research groups, and document the results in journals, white papers, and at conferences. Any technologies created as a result are brought to the Internet Engineering Task Force working groups.

The chair of the IRTF is appointed by the Internet Architecture Board. The Internet Research Steering Group is composed of the chairs of the IRTF research groups.

The Internet Research Steering Group (IRSG) manages the IRTF research groups, and holds workshops focused on various Internet research areas.

RFC’s. Request For Comments that provide information about the IRTF are listed below: