More Domain Name System Information

In addition to those referenced in the previous pages, the following Request For Comments provide additional information on the Domain Name System architecture, development, and security issues:

  • RFC 920; Postel, J.; Reynolds, J.; Domain Requirements, Oct 1984
  • RFC 973; Mockapetris, P.; Domain System Changes and Observations; Jan 1986
  • RFC 1034; Mockapetris, P.; Domain Names – Concepts and Facilities; November 1987
  • RFC 1035; Mockapetris, P.; Domain Names – Implementation and Specification, November 1987
  • RFC 1591; Postel, J.; Domain Name System Structure and Delegation; March 1994
  • RFC 1876; Davis, C.; Vixie, P.; Goodwin, T.; Dickinson, I.; A Means for Expressing Location Information in the Domain Name System; January, 1996
  • RFC 2181; Elz, R.; Bush, R.; Clarifications to the DNS Specification; July, 1997
  • RFC 2308; Andrews, M.; Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS NCACHE); March, 1998
  • RFC 3467; Klensin, J.; Role of the Domain Name System; February, 2003
  • RFC 3490; Hoffman, P., Costello, A.; Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA); March 2003
  • RFC 3696; J. Klensin; Application Techniques for Checking and Transformation of Names; February 2004
  • RFC 3833; D. Atkins; R. Austein; Threat Analysis of the Domain Name System (DNS); August 2004.

The following sites provide more information on the DNS: