Internet Security Resources

The following resources provide more information on Internet security:

  • CERT — The Computer Emergency Response Team was formed in response to the Morris worm incident, and provides a wide range of Internet computer security information.
  • — The Electronic Privacy Information Center is a public interest research center concerned with freedom of speech and privacy issues on the Internet, with a focus on how they affect legal and constitutional issues.
  • — Indexes a wide range of security related RFC’s, some of which are listed below:
    • RFC 706; On the Junk Mail Problem; Jon Postel; November, 1975.
    • RFC 1038; Revised IP Security Option; M. St. Johns; January, 1988.
    • RFC 1113; RFC 1114; RFC 1115; Privacy Enhancement for Internet Electronic Mail; J. Linn; August, 1989.
    • RFC 1170; Public Key Standards and Licenses; R. Fougner; January, 1991.
    • RFC 1636; Report of IAB Workshop on Security in the Internet Architecture February 8-10, 1994; R. Braden, D. Clark, S. Crocker, C. Huitema; June 1994.
    • RFC 1750; Randomness Recommendations for Security; D. Eastlake, S. Crocker, J. Schiller; December 1994.
    • RFC 2401; Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol; S. Kent, R. Atkinson; November 1998.
    • RFC 2411; IP Security Document Roadmap; R. Thayer, N. Doraswamy, R. Glenn; November 1998.
    • RFC 2504; Users’ Security Handbook; E. Guttman, L. Leong, G. Malkin; February 1999.
    • RFC 2541; DNS Security Operational Considerations; D. Eastlake; March 1999.
    • RFC 2577; FTP Security Considerations; M. Allman, S. Ostermann; May 1999.
    • RFC 2828; Internet Security Glossary; R. Shirey; May 2000
    • RFC 3631; Security Mechanisms for the Internet; S. Bellovin., J. Schiller, C. Kaufman; December 2003.
  • — Provides a wide range of information on various Internet security topics.