Anonymizer Use

If you use a networked anonymizer, after you configure it as directed in your web browser all your surfing is anonymous. You can usually switch back and forth between use of a networked anonymizer and direct access with a quick configuration to your proxy settings.

To visit a web page using a single-point anonymizer, simply visit your preferred anonymizer and enter the site you want to visit in the indicated field. If you set your web browser start page to an anonymizer site, then every subsequent web access you make from that page will also be anonymized.

You can anonymize bookmarks by prefixing their URL’s with the anonymizer site address. You can visit a page with an anonymizer and add it to your bookmarks just like any other page.

Anonymizers enable use of websites that require entry of forms including passwords and other information, which of course are shown to the site by definition, without revealing any other information.

You can configure an anonymizer as your permanent proxy server by making it the setting for the HTTP and other proxy options in your applications configuration menu.

Note that proxy servers set up in corporate and institutional networks are usually focused on recording of access logs, virus protection, and blocking malicious code, and generally cannot be depended on to provide anonymizer services or identity confidentiality.