Internet Organizations

In addition to the organizations that manage the Internet, the following organizations help support the Internet in various roles:

  • AOIR – Association of Internet Researchers, helps advance cross-disciplinary Internet studies.
  • CNRI – Corporation for National Research Initiatives. A not-for-profit organization which performs research in the public interest on strategic development of Internet based information technologies.
  • IAHC – The Internet International Ad Hoc Committee was established by the IAB, ISOC, IANA and others to make recommendations about administration and management of the top-level international domain names . Historically located at, it dissolved May 1, 1997.
  • ISC – Internet Software Consortium. Non-profit corporation that maintains production quality free open source software reference implementations of core Internet protocols.
  • ITU – International Telecommunications Union. An international organization which coordinates government and private sector global telecom networks and services.
  • NCSA – National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Historic role propagating non-commercial Internet software such as Mosaic.