Neiman-Marcus Cookie Recipe

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The Neiman-Marcus Cookie Recipe makes good cookies, but the recipe isn’t by Neiman-Marcus and this story isn’t true.

You may get an email from a woman that claims she was forced to buy the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe for $250, so she is getting even with the company by sharing it. This is a straightforward hoax and never happened. However, the recipe is said to produce good cookies.

The Neiman-Marcus Cookie Recipe hoax is a classic example of mythical urban justice that gives itself away with a loaded tag line: “This is not a joke — this is a true story. That’s it. Please, pass it along to everyone you know, single people, mailing lists, etc.”

Feel free to give the recipe a try and enjoy the cookies, but please don’t blame or credit Neiman-Marcus, and please don’t pass this hoax email on.