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Like most hackers, I don't really care about money very much. I do what I do primarily for artistic satisfaction, and what I want is to know that other people consider it good art... you don't really know that you are evolving in the right direction unless reality and other people confirm that.

So, like most other hackers, my most fundamental motivation is that I want other hackers to think that I'm doing good work. And I want them to believe I'm effective and fruitful and a good designer and so forth.

- Eric Steven Raymond, Let My People Go, Interview by Andrew Leonard.

Hacker home sites, archives of hacked websites, and other hacker related resources are listed below.

Sites. Some well known sites run by hackers and hacker organizations are listed in the indexes below, but visit at your own risk -- it is not unknown for websites to try and run malevolent programs and viruses on their visitor's computers.

Archives. The following sites provides archives of previously hacked sites:

Resources. The Hacker Takedown is an interesting site documenting the capture of one of the most famous hackers, Kevin Mitnick, and includes audio files of telephone conversations with Mitnick while still at large.

The Defcon convention is the largest gathering of hackers.

How To Become A Hacker by famous hacker Eric Raymond provides a good overview of the Hacker philosophy.

The following websites provide more information about hackers:

The following newsgroups cover hacker related topics: