Asking Others On A MUD

You should conduct research on the Internet first, then ask for help, but be understanding if you don’t get an answer right away. Once you have read the MUD FAQ, help, and newsgroup files, asking others on your MUD for help is a reasonable next step:

  • Wizards. The people that administrate each MUD are often called Wizards, and are usually the most knowledgeable about the game. For example, a Wizard on LPMUD is someone who has won a game and can create new sections of the MUD.
  • Gods. The people who own and operate the MUD are often called God’s, and are naturally quite knowledgeable. They can do anything they want to the MUD. You can send mail to a God and ask them a question, but they may not always respond.
  • Senior players. High level characters in adventure MUD’s are usually knowledgeable. You can ask them questions and might get useful feedback.
  • Experienced users. People who have been signed on a long time are usually knowledgeable. You may be able to get more information on those that have been on a long time with the “who” command.

Remember not to bug someone who doesn’t answer your questions. They are probably very busy, or have some other good reason, so you should respect their right to not answer your questions.