Majordomo Use – Digests

Majordomo Use – Digests

Normally you receive each email sent to the list shortly after it is received by the server. On high volume lists people sometimes choose to set their subscription to digest mode so they receive only one email a day consolidating all emails sent to the list in that time period.

On Majordomo systems the digest list is actually a second list with its own address. Therefore, you can subscribe to the digest version of the list, and then unsubscribe from the non-digest version.

You can subscribe to the digest version of most Majordomo lists by subscribing to the mailing list name appended with “-digest”. For example, for a mailing list called “gardening”, you would subscribe as follows:

subscribe gardening-digest

You can subscribe to both the digest and non-digest version of the list if you are keeping up with a particularly topical event, and want to get the messages in real-time as well as stored in a digest version.